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We Commit to LIVE for CHS Birmingham

  • Emma Cartmell
  • 3rd July 2020

The CHS Group has committed itself to ‘going live’ with its first ever CHS Birmingham exhibition, taking place 27th October at the ICC Birmingham. The new event was launched in the autumn last year, and with many industry events already cancelled or moving to hybrid formats, the group has confirmed that CHS Birmingham will be a live experience first and foremost.

Despite not having a ‘go date’ from government, the organisers confirmed yesterday that it is not in their nature to ‘sit around and wait’ for guidance.  The group hopes that CHS Birmingham can be a part of a kick-start for the industry, allowing businesses to do business again, and deliver growth opportunities for its visitors and exhibitors. For that reason, it is looking at offering as many opportunities for visitors to meet exhibitors pre, during and post the event.

Emma Cartmell, Chief Executive Officer, CHS Group, commented: “It’s been a really horrible period for the industry, and we’ve seen so many opportunities to do business lost over the last few months. We want to be of service to our visitors and exhibitors, and to create a business environment that is most beneficial to them. To do so, we felt the need to commit to live.”

This commitment could see the group become one of only a limited number of live exhibitions, servicing the meetings and events industry, to take place between the lock down and the end of the year. “Restrictions will loosen as we enter the autumn, and we’re working with the venue on health and hygiene procedures that reduce risk. But we’re also looking at ways to make the event ‘uniquely CHS’, business focused, productive, entertaining and fun. We feel we have the support around us to deliver this,” continued Emma.

“This is isn’t going to be a normal, pre 2020 event,” continues Emma. “Things will feel different. It won’t be about crowded aisles, bustling networking areas. It will be about business being done and CHS Group adding in a degree of flair and creativity. We’re committed to creating a great event.”


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