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The Definitive List of the Top Blogs & Podcasts for Hotels and Venues

  • Jenna Potter
  • Picture of Jenna Potter
  • 8th June 2020

If you want to brush up on your skills on hotel and venue sales, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes the top blogs and podcasts in the industry.

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Let’s jump into this definitive list of the top blogs and podcasts for Hotels & Venues.




Cvent Blog

“Tips, trends and best practices for the meetings and events industry.”

Cvent is an event and hospitality technology company that runs an incredibly helpful blog to help you reach your sales targets. 

Their focus is on helping venue profs connect with event professionals, so they have resources on RFPs, venue marketing, and ore.

They’re industry experts who regularly publish original research that shapes the way forward for venue marketing. 

Definitely one not to miss!


Start Here:

  1. 10 Effective Venue Marketing Ideas
  2. 12 Cold-Calling Tips for Hotels
  3. 16 Hotel Blog Ideas to Grow Your Audience

Social Tables

Social Tables is a hotel group sales CRM product, also owned by Cvent.

They also offer amazing resources for hotel and venue profs on their blog, covering topics such as creative hotel ideas, site visits, event diagramming and managing your relationships with buyers.


Start Here:

  1. 5 Creative Hotel Ideas That Really Work
  2. Virtual Tours: 25 Keys to Remote Site Visits Online
  3. The Best Hotel Loyalty Programs



Hotel Sales Success is an educational platform that helps venues reach their sales targets faster. Focused on corporate hotel sales, this blog is perfect for the sales teams of hotels and venues to learn effective strategies that will land them more business.


Start Here:

  1. 5 Ways Hotels & Venues Can Use Video to Land Corporate Clients
  2. Ten tips to write a winning award submission
  3. Master LinkedIn to Win Group Business


Leanne Calderwood

“If you are a meetings industry supplier looking to connect better with meeting planners, you've come to the right place!“

“Hey #hotelprofs and #meetingpartners, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE if you’re looking for a community to call your VERY OWN!  I created this site for you – a place where meeting and event partners can learn and grow as sales and service professionals in the meetings industry.

Not only does Leanne post regular, high-quality blogs helping hotel profs, she also has her own Youtube channel too if you prefer to watch videos! 


Start Here:

  1. 10 Gift Ideas for Meeting Planners
  2. 9 Tips for Achieving Hotel Sales Proposal Success in the Meetings Industry
  3. 6 Ways Hotel Sales Managers Can Set Themselves Apart from the Competition


Are Morch

Are Morch is a hotel marketing coach and customer experience expert that “teaches owners, general managers, director of sales, director of marketing and your team members how to use new digital marketing strategies that make every experience count and drives new business.

Are regularly covers interesting and helpful social media and marketing strategies that help hotels boost their revenue.


Start Here:

  1. Partnership Marketing Tips for Hotel Marketers
  2. Why Video Marketing Will Be The Most Memorable Experience Offer for Hotels in 2020
  3. 6 Smart Technologies That Can Increase Hotel Revenue




“Welcome to the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, a weekly discussion on the latest and greatest hotel industry news and events. Each week, a group of talented hotel marketers from Fuel meet to share our thoughts on the weekly topic. Each episode offers actionable tips and tactics that your hotel can implement to help you put more heads in beds, reduce your reliance on OTAs, and improve your hotel marketing operations. Led by our fearless Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Butler, the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast has quickly become the most popular podcast in the hotel industry.”

Start Here:

  1. 4 Ways to Drive Growth and Increase Engagement with Your Guest Data
  2. How Can Small Hotels Compete Today?
  3. Top 5 Ways Hotel Operations & Marketing Teams Can Work Better Together


Turn of Events is an event industry podcast from Social Tables. While they often cover content for event profs, they have a great selection of episodes to help hotel profs land more business. See our “Start Here” guide below for a selection of the best ones.

Start Here:

  1. 5 Hotel Sales Strategies to Book More Group Business
  2. 5 Basics That Every Hotel Marketing Plan Should Include
  3. 19 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2020


Hosted by Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, Lodging Leaders is a top-ranked weekly podcast that “examines news and topics trending in the hotel industry”.

Start Here:

  1. Hoteliers capitalize on coworking trend
  2. How to reduce employee turnover
  3. Cybercrime a pervasive threat


StaynTouch is a hospitality podcast focused on hotel technology, and how we can use the latest tech trends to boost sales revenue. 

Start Here:

  1. 4 Hotel Technology Trends Here to Stay
  2. Why It’s Imperative Hotels Make the Jump to a Cloud-Based PMS


And that completes our definitive list of the top blogs and podcasts for Hotels & Venues. Do you know of an amazing company that didn’t land on this list? Reach out to me at jenna.potter@chsgroupuk.com and I’ll add it in!

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