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Ten tips to write a killer award submission

  • Rebecca Stenson
  • 17th February 2020

CHS Awards submission date is fast approaching. This is our top ten tips on how to write a killer award submission.

Want to win the next award you enter?  here’s how you can do it:

1. Give yourself enough time

Most awards give plenty of time to write the nomination. Yet, the majority of submissions, are sent last minute. A judge knows immediately who spent time preparing a thoughtful award submission and who didn’t.

2. Read the question

Probably THE simplest task, yet so often overlooked. Always read the question.

3. Enlist help from colleagues

Ask a colleague or friend why they feel you should win a particular award to get fresh perspectives and potentially unique selling points that could help you win. Enlist others and have them help collect evidence, metrics or testimonials that might help your submission. If it’s an award for work, then everyone stands a gain to win.

4. Stay on point

Make sure you’re answering the question to its fullest. If there’s three points to the question – have you answered all of them?  

5. Don’t skip questions

It’s surprising how many people skip questions. Judges almost always work on points systems where the highest score wins. By skipping questions, you’re likely to miss out on points you might need!

6. Follow directions- dot the Is and cross the Ts

Make sure every bit of required information is included in your submission. If your entry is incomplete, there will be no follow up from judges requesting information. A checklist might be useful for you to draw up when drafting your submission.

7. Stick to the word or character count

Word counts are in place for a reason – so stick to them.

8. Grammar!

Spelling, punctuation and language are all taken into consideration. Your final submission shouldn’t include any errors. If this isn’t your strong point, ask someone to cast an eye over it, and help check that your submission is easy to read and clear of spelling errors.

9. Speak the truth

Embellishments are easily discovered and outright lies will get your application put to the bottom of the pile or invalidated altogether.

10. Tell a story

Have mercy on the judge who has lots of applications to read. You can make your entry stand out by deploying storytelling, bringing your submission to life and enthusing it with your brand values. It works; believe me.

Bonus tip: Demonstrate the results!

Don’t forget to include the icing on the cake – the actual results of why you SHOULD win. Include your achievements such as testimonials, images, video or metrics. If there’s an option to attach additional proof – use it!

CHS Awards is now open for nominations. To find the best category for you or your venue >>> click here<<<.

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