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  • Guest Blog by Off Limits  - Team Building Trends for 2020

Guest Blog by Off Limits  - Team Building Trends for 2020

  • Julie Phillips
  • 16th December 2019

Team building has evolved over the last few years, we have seen change in the way clients book events, what their objectives are, the type of event they want and also the expectations of the clients. All of these we have grown with and developed a large range of team building events that aim to suit every objective and needs of the clients. Off Limits creates bespoke events for this exact reason, to keep up with the fast paced ever changing environment in the industry.  


The concept of team building can be very broad, and everyone has their very own definition. Off Limits have seen a swift change in the duration of team building activities. Clients are now booking full day events in and even company away days that last over a few days in-between conferences. Some companies see team building to be vital to the future success of the company so, therefore, will not hesitate to book these activities during working hours.   

Clients often come to Off Limits with an objective they want to achieve from the day, and it’s the corporate team’s job to ensure they build a successful event to fulfil this requirement. By advising on types of events, venues and the best way to logistically put the event together. Off Limits have seen objectives such as: motivate staff, improve the working environment, develop leadership skills, build upon time management and increase communication. As well as these objectives team building is also used by a company to access a group on structure and characteristics, access leadership, time management, development and empowerment of personal and social skills of individuals.

Nowadays, team building will be incorporated in most company’s budget at the end of the year. Whether it’s a small or big budget most teams try and get together socially around Christmas time. Trying to find alternative activities to just going out to the pub or going for dinner is the common theme moving into 2020. Clients want to be seen to be engaging with their employees, taking part in something other than work and giving back to the community somehow.

Companies are looking for originality, efficiency and impeccable service. For this reason, companies place this important task in the safe hands of specialised team building companies such as Off Limits to organise their event. As experienced event providers Off Limits study the corporate client and profile of employees, advising the company on what activity, events would suit best in each occasion and take charge of the organisation, development and production in a professional manner.

The activities and events for team building have developed a huge amount. You don’t need to just be in the office coming up with games to get the team involved. Nowadays, you can have events like It’s a Knockout, Totally Wiped Out, Quad bikes, baking challenges, CSI investigate, themed evenings and so much more. Off Limits have recognised that clients are looking to hold events that are competitive and unique. Keeping up with this trend Off Limits work daily on creating brand new events to provide to clients.

The current trends Off Limits are seeing going into 2020 are varied:


Adventure Activities

A group of delegates will overcome a challenge together and at the end of the event, feeling more united than before. More extreme team building is becoming a new trend in 2020, we are seeing teams wanting to participate in challenges together, be it for charities or to be able to say they accomplished and trained for something together. Team building may not just be an hour in the afternoon at work, nowadays clients are booking a full day and even a weekend of events.  

Off Limits Adventure Activities:

It’s a Knockout®

Totally Wiped Out

Nottingham Driving

Multi Activity Day  

Group IKO - Banner

New Technologies    

Keeping up with the new technologies available to us is important to make the connection with clients. We have seen that clients want unique and modern events. New technology like virtual reality, tablets, ipads, drones are all being developed into team building. Using new technology in team building also offers the clients valuable data that is obtained during the event and to be able to report the findings back to the group.

Tablet Quiz 

Notts Driving

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities   

CSR programs can help build important bonds, strengthen communication skills and boost team morale all whilst making a positive impact and difference on the lives of people who need it most. These are ever growing value of every company. Involving and encouraging teamwork that seeks to help a good cause has grown tremendously. Off Limits creates events that incorporates team building with CSR. Events that give back to food banks, charities and other organisations in need. Food Bank Dominoes is the most recent event, that aims to give boxes of food to a local food bank. Off Limits event Charity Bike Build gives clients an opportunity to build a bike and donate it to a local charity.



Escape Rooms   

This activity has become extremely popular across many cities. A great game where a large number of participants can be involved at the same time. An escape room combines many of the characteristics of a team building event and still focuses on objectives like time management, teamwork, working under pressure and achievement of a final goal. Escape rooms have really taken off with corporate clients, as Off Limits have seen a spike in bookings for corporate companies and their teams. Escapologic in Nottingham and Leicester create new and exciting rooms all with different themes. They build their rooms from scratch and when you enter the rooms you are automatically immersed into a world of fantasy and your main goal is to escape in time. Corporate clients use this as a way of experimenting with team building and putting delegates in teams with people they wouldn’t normally work with day to day.   


Last Minute Bookings  

Companies are booking team building events a week in advance, sometimes the reason for this is it may have only been signed off by the directors at this time, the budget has been confirmed going forward or it is simply changing as time goes on and the millennial's generation are now the ones in the roles that make these events happen. There attitude could be different to another generation in that, they are used to wanting something and getting it next day delivery. It is important that as a team building provider Off Limits are ready for this change and are able to act on impulse bookings. Luckily, we have had a lot of practice at this.     

So, if you would like to discuss 2020 team building trends and what you should use as your next team building event, call in the professionals.

If you would like more ideas or details on these events, then why not check out actiondays.co.uk or call Off Limits on 01773 766 050.

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