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Spotlight Blog Post: Lockdown not luck down

  • Emma Cartmell
  • 10th August 2020

Four savvy female hospitality entrepreneurs have grasped the recent lockdown and turned it into a huge positive.

At a time when everyone else was perhaps looking down in lockdown, four hospitality professionals had higher ambitions.

Kate Plowright (Founder & Director) of Selling Savvy Ltd had always had plans to expand her business. To achieve this, she had a vision to offer her unique interactive sales courses nationwide.

The arrival of Covid-19 should have stalled any further steps, however, rather than put a dent in her plans the pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity for her to implement them.

Lockdown restraints imposed on the hospitality and events industry caused three fellow professionals: Amanda Baker, Becky Whitaker and Femke Millership to re-assess their own business models.

As hospitality consultants, they independently turned to social media and on-line to engage with fellow colleagues and to offer their advice and support.

It was during this time, they all met virtually, having never known each other prior to these unusual circumstances, and soon realised that they all had complimentary skill sets, like-minded views and a passion for the industry that echoed Kate’s vision.

The expansion of Selling Savvy was born.

The new Selling Savvy team shared their knowledge and expertise during lockdown. They created and shared their knowledge virtually, via informative workshops, Q&A sessions, blog posts and weekly newsletters. The purpose of which was to help hospitality and events professionals to prepare for when they returned to work and when their venues re-opened.

Kate Plowright launched Selling Savvy in 2018 because she is passionate about delivering effective workshops and mentoring that gives teams the opportunity to be empowered to make the right strategic decisions, whilst having strong backing from their management.


Kate said: “I am extremely passionate about the differing training offerings Selling Savvy brings to the market and have proved that this unique training model works in Surrey and Hampshire. I am thrilled that we will be able to support the hospitality and events sector across the UK moving forward. The on-going success of this venture has incredibly been achieved, without actual face to face meeting - just imagine what we will achieve when we finally meet?”

The other new team members include: Becky Whitaker, who has over 25 years’ experience in the sector including 11 years with Marriott Hotels where she opened their regional cluster sales office and helped train and write SOP’s for the UK offices; Femke Millership, who has been in the event and hospitality industry since 2002 and has set up MICE cluster offices, worked to implement new yield management systems and managed large reactive sales teams; Amanda Baker who also has over 25 years’ experience within the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. She has a proven record of implementing strategies that has increased company’s profitability.

Becky Said: “It is uncanny how we have all come to the table offering many different skills that all complement each other so well. The combined wealth of experience and knowledge will certainly set us apart from other hospitality training companies. The Selling Savvy ethos is fabulous - I especially love the bite-sized & accountability sessions”

Femke added: “I have always wanted to play a part in helping my fellow colleagues achieve sales success, this partnership will allow me to combine my knowledge and experience and apply it to future engaging Selling Savvy workshops”

Amanda said: “I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, I would never have thought that during a catastrophic time, a positive outcome would be achieved. I now have three new colleagues and I am excited to help put Selling Savvy on the map”


The team’s next online course, three one and a half hour sessions on 17th, 18th and 19th August, is a very topical subject - ‘Virtual Selling for Hotels and Venues’.


For more information on Selling Savvy’s upcoming events and courses visit www.sellingsavvy.co.uk or follow them on Linkedin or Facebook.

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