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Planning for the Best Experience At an Expo

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 8th February 2019

It’s officially expo season! It’s time to brush up on your networking skills, pull out your little black book and get ready to power up your skills as a rockstar event planner.

We have your guide on how to make the most of attending CHS19 and other expos this year.

Here are the steps you should be taking a month before the big day, a week before, the day of AND the day after to make the most of your experience.


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The Month Before:



1. Check out the schedule

The expo schedule should be available to see on the event website. Make a note of what speakers you want to see, educational sessions you want to attend and meet-ups you want to go to.


2. Plan out which venues and hotels and suppliers you want to visit yourself

Investigate who will be exhibiting at the expo and note down any venues or suppliers that pique your interest. On show day, the huge amount of venues on the floor will look overwhelming so having a plan beforehand of who you want to prioritise will help you get the most out of your day.



The Week Before:



1. Download the event app

Avoid any technical difficulties the day of and download the event app in advance. The app will make sure you’re constantly updated on event news, updates and you will have a designated space to find the event schedule, show floor and more.


2. Investigate who out of your connections will be attending the same event and make plans to catch up

Keep an eye out on LinkedIn for any mentions of the event from your connections. If you see other people attending, reach out and make plans to catch up! Keeping in touch with your connections is so important for building a strong professional network as an event prof.



The Day Of



1. Stick to your personal schedule to avoid getting overwhelmed

You’ve gone through all the effort of planning out your day to make the most of the event, so try not to get too sidetracked by distractions. Doing things in the moment on the event day is perfectly fine but make sure you tick off all of the priorities you outlined in your plans.


2. Have fun!

Events and expos are supposed to be enjoyable, so give yourself time to relax and enjoy the moment!



The Day After



1. Follow up with any new connections you’ve made

If the expo went well, you should be walking away with at least a few new people you have met. Make sure you follow up with them and what you talked about right away so you’ll stay on the top of their mind.


2. Write up a list of notes of your thoughts on the event, what you took away from it, etc and share with your team members

Take some time to reflect on the event you just attended and jot down some notes on your thoughts and what you took away from the day. Share your findings with your fellow team members so they can see the benefit of the expo too.


We hope you found these tips helpful on how to prepare for your expo experience!

Put these tips to use and register for our 10th anniversary #CHS19 on the 30th of April in Leeds. Tickets are free and you will be able to meet 220+ venues and suppliers, attend educational sessions and engage in industry meet-ups - all in one day!


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