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Smart Ways to Measure Your ROI of Your Expo Experience

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 19th November 2018

In our ongoing series of blogs Jonny Ross of Fleek Marketing shares some of his top tips to increase the ROI of your expo experience and some smart and measurable ways to drum up excitement and drive traffic to your stand.


Jonny Ross at Fleek Marketing


Because there are any number of ways and methods exhibitors can measure the return on investment (ROI) it is advisable to know what it is you want to measure, and why you want to measure it, what are you hoping to use it for.

Here are some quick and easy methods you could employ to measure the effectiveness of your stand, increase footfall and guarantee its success before your buyers even arrive.


Before the Event

Put an advert in your email signature about the forthcoming event to tell everyone what you are doing and where to find you. You could add some tracking on the link to see how many people have clicked through so it’s part of a bigger picture when you are measuring post event. We’ve done this before with events and managed to secure over 100 clicks pre-event, so we know there’s an interest before we unpack a box!

Run a simple campaign prior to the event, create a landing page where you give someone a reason to book an appointment or offer them an exclusive pre-show token for a free drink. Give them a reason to visit your page beforehand, either to download a ticket or equivalent. Have a call to action or offer free resources such as ‘How to rock at meetings’. It’s a great way to measure traffic and use as a tool for data capture.

Send out an email to your client list before the event to attract them to your stand, measure open and click through rates so you can see the level of interest.

Publish a blog that is relevant to the event you are attending. This also gives you the opportunity to measure engagement as well as the volume of traffic by the length of time spent on the page.

Choose your channels and form of measurement. Social channels make it easy for you to measure the level of engagement. For example, you can measure your tweets through Twitter analytics. Also adopt Google URL builder and Bitly to tag your links so that the whole thing becomes measurable. Most social channels integrate with Google Analytics to help you understand which tweet brought you the most traffic in terms of measuring the engagement factor of your content. This will help you build future posts that are engaging and tap into your audiences’ psyche.

Video and going live on video are really growing across social media channels. Tap into this by developing some video content that promotes the speakers attending the seminars or promote free entry.

Add the expo to your Facebook page as an event. Use GIFs and animation to promote content and Calendly is a great online tool to help you to pre-book appointments prior to your events, so that you go with a diary full of mission. Connect with your LinkedIn network and suggest a meet up for the big day.

These are all great tips to help you create a buzz prior to the event. The more you can plan and drive traffic to you, the further ahead of the curve you will be to hit the ground running from the minute the show starts.


On the Day

Create a scene, imagine you’re owning a stage. What handouts can you create so that people spend the day walking around with your branding, impressing others about where they got it from?

Don’t just stand there, use social media to signpost. Create GIFs and videos from the day and share, share, share. Have some insta-frames or a reason for people to want to take pictures of your stand and post them on the day. Ride on the content of the speakers and seminars of the day.

After the Show

Connect with all your leads on social. Send them a personal email and pick up the phone. You could also have a time-sensitive offer that is exclusive to your new contacts. Do your research well and make sure that you know people well before you speak to them. And finally, post pictures and videos from the day to reinforce that you really were the place to be!

Have a plan in place that you can put into action immediately. Send them a free piece of content, such as a white paper, blog or download, be resourceful and creative. According to Chris and Susan Beesley and their concept of the seven-hour rule people need of contact and exposure before they are prepared to buy from you. So, have you got seven hours-worth of content ready for someone ultimately get to know you? You could also hold an event and invite your new contacts along to it.

Using these tools should really help you understand the success of your pre, during and post event activity. It will really help you get to grips with what worked well and what didn’t, you can use this info to determine cold, lukewarm and red-hot leads. This data will be invaluable when you are planning your next event.

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