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How to Use LinkedIn to Easily Reach Your Sales Targets

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 10th February 2019

It’s no secret - LinkedIn is taking off in 2019. As one of the best B2B (business-to-business) marketing channels available and a huge array of new features being released this year (including a Facebook-style events tab), it’s time to brush up your LinkedIn profile and use it as an opportunity to reach your sales targets this year as a hotel or venue.


linkedin for sales managers of independent hotels and venues

Source: https://foundationinc.co/lab/b2b-marketing-linkedin-stats/


Here’s our guide for the sales teams of hotels or venues to help you use LinkedIn to its full potential in 2019.


Optimise your profile


linkedin for sales managers of hotels and venues


The first step to using LinkedIn to boost your revenue is to optimise your own personal profile. There are five main areas on your profile you should be emphasizing:


1. Update your headline


Your headline is the first glimpse into your LinkedIn profile. It’s what everyone will see, regardless if they’re a connection of yours or not, and it’s what LinkedIn uses to power their search.


Make sure that you include keywords related to your industry in your headline and use up your allotted 120 characters. The beginning of your headline is the most important area and should include both your job role and what hotel or venue you represent. Using your remaining characters, you can include points like any notable awards you or your venue have won or other points of social proof such as how many successful events you have hosted.


Example: Sales Manager of Amazing Independent Hotel | Winner of Best Independent Venue at the Super Awards 2019


2. Update your profile photo and cover photo


Strong visuals can go a long way in selling your venue, and prospective clients love to get to know the face behind the venue. Having a professional, yet friendly profile photo will add that extra trust when you’re connecting with prospective clients on LinkedIn. Our top tips for putting your best face forward with your profile photo:


  • Use a professional headshot
  • Include your head and shoulders only
  • Smile!


A mistake that many make on LinkedIn is leaving the cover photo area blank. This is high quality real estate on your profile to make a lasting impression of your venue! Choose the photo you’re most proud to show off of your hotel or venue and use it as your profile cover photo.


3. Write a compelling summary


Your summary is the first place people go to when browsing through your LinkedIn profile. This space is your opportunity to show off who you are, what inspires you in your industry and the benefits of working with your venue. Include a clear call-to-action of what steps people should next take to contact you to discuss their event needs. Add your work email address or phone number, if you’re comfortable to, in this section for quick enquiries.


Follow industry organisations


It can be difficult to keep up with breaking news and emerging trends in the hospitality trend, especially if you’re too busy with your day-to-day tasks to sift through information online. That’s why taking a moment to follow industry organisations on LinkedIn will benefit you in the long-term since you’ll receive updates straight in your newsfeed. Here is a starter list of industry organisations in the UK to follow on LinkedIn (and a shameless plug of our own!):




CHS Group


Engage with your connections in the comments section


First and foremost, LinkedIn is a social network, and they have been making serious efforts to promote that idea with their recent algorithm updates. Engagement is important to stay visible on LinkedIn and starting or participating in conversations with your connections is the way to go.


Take a few moments everyday to browse through your connections’ updates on LinkedIn and leave a few comments. As well, you should post updates of your own a few times a week and ask questions to encourage discussions in the comments section. Not only will this boost your LinkedIn profile, but it will boost your relationships with your connections, likely leading to new or repeated business.


Join the Independent Venue Network group


There are not many communities on LinkedIn dedicated specifically for the sales teams of independent hotels and venues, so we’ve taken on the initiative ourselves to build that community. As we mentioned in the previous point, engaging with other people in your industry can lead to new business opportunities and professional relationships. Also, if you join the Independent Venue Network on LinkedIn, you’ll be the first to know of our events and resources (like this one!) for independent hotels and venues.

 Join 75+ other Sales Managers of independent hotels and venues - request to join here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7463567/


We hope you found this guide on how to best use LinkedIn helpful! Send us a tweet at @chs_group if you have any questions or tips of your own you would like to share.


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