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The Hotel & Venue Prof's 5 Step-Guide to Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 31st January 2020

This is an excerpt of the “Mastering LinkedIn to Win Group Business” course, exclusively on HotelSalesSuccess.com. This free 5-day email course is designed for hotels and venues to help guide through how to use LinkedIn to surpass sales targets.

The course covers the following topics:

Day 1: 5 Steps for Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile (this one!)

Day 2: How to Send Effective Direct Messages on LinkedIn

Day 3: How to Discover New Leads on LinkedIn to Win Business

Day 4: Content Marketing 101 - Posting Status Updates That Sell

Day 5: How to Use LinkedIn to Make the Most of Expos & Industry Events

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1. Update Your Headline

Your headline is the first glimpse into your LinkedIn profile. It’s what everyone will see, regardless if they’re a connection of yours or not, and it’s what LinkedIn uses to power their search.

Include keywords related to your industry in your headline and use up your allotted 120 characters. The beginning of your headline is the most important area and should include both your job role and what hotel or venue you work at. With the remaining characters, you can include points like any notable awards you or your venue have won (such as a CHS Award), or other points of social proof, like how many successful events you've hosted.

Example: Sales Manager of Amazing Independent Hotel | Winner of Best Independent Venue at the CHS Awards 2019


2. Update Your Profile Photo and Cover Photo

Strong visuals go a long way in selling your venue, and prospective clients want to get to know the Sales Manager personally. Having a professional, yet friendly profile photo will add that extra trust when you’re connecting with prospective clients on LinkedIn. Using a beautiful shot of your venue as your cover photo will help you stand out. Here are our top tips for putting your best face forward with your profile photo:

  • Use a professional headshot
  • Include your head and shoulders only
  • Smile!

A mistake that many make on LinkedIn is having no cover photo. This is high quality real estate on your profile to make a lasting impression of your venue! Choose the photo you’re most proud to show off of your hotel/venue. You can even overlay some mentions of awards, like the example below, by using an easy graphic design tool such as Canva.


3. Write a Compelling Summary

Your summary is the first place people go to when browsing through your LinkedIn profile. This space is your opportunity to show off who you are and the benefits of working with your venue. Include a clear call-to-action encouraging buyers to contact you. Add your work email address or phone number in this section to boost enquiries.


4. Recommendations

According to stats from LinkedIn, profiles with recommendations get 7 times more enquiries than those that don't. Recommendations are like your personal testimonials - they are proof that you're reputable to a buyer viewing your profile.

Reach out to your best clients and coworkers and ask them for a recommendation.

How to Ask for a Recommendation?

Asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn can feel awkward to do, especially when you first start. Here are a few tips to help make recommendations easy for both you and the person you’re asking:

  • Don’t send out mass requests for recommendations that are generic (LinkedIn limits you to three requests at a time anyway). In order to make a good impression, request a recommendation from people one by one and take your time in your request. Make it personal to them and show your appreciation if they accept the request.


  • In your request, give them an idea of what to write. Let them what topics you want them to cover. Here's an example: "Hi Sally! Thanks again for choosing [name of venue] for your meeting last month. [Add personal anecdote about the event.] If you have a moment, will you write a short testimonial about your experience working with me on this event? I would appreciate it so much, but there's no obligation at all. I hope to speak to you soon! Thanks, Michael."


Want a handy checklist to keep by your side while you spruce up your profile? Download this LinkedIn Profile Checklist PDF for a summary of these tips.

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