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  • Guest Blog by Off Limits  - Last Minute Christmas Team Building Ideas

Guest Blog by Off Limits  - Last Minute Christmas Team Building Ideas

  • Julie Phillips
  • 26th November 2019

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It’s that time of the year now where Christmas parties have been in the diary for a while or at least the thought and planning of them has been going around the office. Even if you haven’t booked your team building event yet, don’t stress! We understand that companies might be waiting on certain factors before giving the approval of a Christmas party. In this scenario Off Limits have a huge variety of team building fun activities that will suit the last minute decision. If you’re finding it difficult to decide on what you want to do, then below are some examples of exciting festive ideas for you and your team. Events big or small we have you covered.

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

This event can take place in your office so no need to worry about finding a venue. We can come to you and bring the goodies with us. Get creative with your team and make some decorations to fill the office with festive spirit. This activity involves decorating baubles for the tree to festive Christmas cards. You can even opt for a more practical option and create a personalised gift box. The decorations you make could be the finishing touch to the office Christmas party.

For more information on Christmas Crafts by Off Limits, click here

Christmas Cupcake Decorating

Christmas Cupcake Decoration

Ready, steady, Christmas! There is always sweet treats around the office at Christmas time. So, why not decorate these treats yourselves and see who can be the most creative. A fantastic activity to engage the whole team whilst working towards the same end goal. There’s a deadline to this task so teams need to make sure they leave themselves with enough time for the amount of cakes they are decorating. Teams will make decisions as groups, split tasks and create a set of cupcakes to be judged.   

For more information on Christmas Cupcake Decoration by Off Limits, click here

Festive Wine Tasting

Festive Wine Tasting   

Our festive take on wine tasting which includes seasonal delights such as Port and Champagne. A easy to organise event perfect for last minute team building. It’s the festive season after all, who is going to say no to some wine tasting? The fun wine tasting session starts with a descriptive informal introduction to get you in the spirit. Get swirling, sniffing and drinking in true style. This could be a great opening activity to your Christmas party.

For more information on Festive Wine Tasting by Off Limits, click here

Santas Sleighbox Derby

Santa's Sleighbox Derby  

Heard of soap box challenge before? Well this is the festive version where you and your team are building a sleigh for Santa to be able to deliver the goods. Using only basic materials and tools, teams will build sleighs from absolute scratch. Will they make it through the whole race? Who will make the quickest but most creative sleigh? Try and get bonus points for the most festive sleigh. Don’t worry we don’t expect you to be expert sleigh builders or drivers but you will be nominating someone on your team to be driver!   

For more information on Santa's Sleighbox Derby by Off Limits, click here

The Twelve Games of Christmas

The Twelve Games of Christmas  

If you are looking to stay in the office and want to hold a big games night, then this event is perfect. You can choose between a variety of games such as air hockey, table football, giant jenga and many many more. Set up an office Christmas competition and see who is the Queen or King of Christmas. We will bring the games all you need to worry about is some snacks and festive drinkies. We can even bring the music. This team building event is the perfect way to round off the year of hard work and gives your employees something to look forward to.

For more information on The Twelve Games of Christmas by Off Limits, click here

If you would like more ideas or details on these events, then why not check out actiondays.co.uk or call Off Limits on 01773 766 050.

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