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Influencers for Indies: How Independent Hotels Can Work with Influencers

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 27th November 2018

In the second CHS Group Blog, Jonny Ross of Fleek Marketing shares his insights of how independent hotels can tap into the power of influencers and understand the basics of Influencer Marketing.


Jonny Ross at Fleek Marketing


Influencer marketing is definitely not dead. The key thing for me is that when you look at influencer marketing you typically think of products, consumer goods and retail, but the reality is that influencer marketing is ultimately people giving recommendations. As we go into any environment, be it B2B or corporate, we go to our network and we ask for recommendations.

My take on this is how hotels and specifically, independent hotels and local hotels understand how to find key business influencers and investigate networking groups that are in their local area. Not to immediately start networking but to carry out some desktop research into who the influential people are, who are the organisers of local events in the area, who are the local celebrities almost. Who are those people who are always speaking, offering opinion? Who is typically in the local papers or magazines and has a regular profile or seen as a voice of authority.

Influencer marketing on a smaller more localised scale, is about understanding who to target as your potential business and business leaders. Who do they look up to, who do they follow? It could be a well-known business leader, who sits on panels at events, who talks at events and those are the people that you would want to do an influencer marketing campaign with.

You can add some numbers to these facts. My starting point would be to increase my network on LinkedIn, by connecting with as many business leaders in the local area as possible. Then I would take a step back and just read what’s going on in my news feed. Who’s talking, what are they talking about and who are they talking too, who is responding and replying? You will soon get an idea of who are the key influencers on LinkedIn.

However, it is important not to forget that offline frequently powers online conversations, so keep an eye out in your local physical networks, at meetings, at events and in your local press – who is speaking and what are they talking about.

You can read Jonny’s comprehensive blog on the do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing here.

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