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How to Write an Event Proposal That Wins You Business

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 1st March 2019

Your event proposal can be the difference between you landing a huge project … or narrowly missing out. When you’re competing against countless other event management companies for the job, you need to ensure that you’re taking steps to make your event proposal the one that stands out from the pile.

We have you sorted in our guide to the top three things you need to think about to ace your next event proposal and land the project of your dreams.



1. Follow the instructions


First and foremost, you need to read carefully through the event proposal/RFP requirements set by the client and make sure you follow them exactly. Your ability to follow directions is the most basic thing you need to prove to the potential client. If they ask for a certain format, budget or have a set of questions that need answering, check them all off your list before moving on to making your proposal stand out.


2. Use benefits-driven messaging


Now it’s your time to shine! Once you have all the formalities out of the way, you can start being creative with your proposal.

Use benefits-driven messaging to reassure the client that you are the one for the job. What are the benefits of working with you? How will you specifically solve all of their challenges? Why are you the much-needed expert for this project?

Adding testimonials and case studies from past happy clients will help you make your case in this section. Instead of simply listing your services, speak directly to the client and their needs and confidently show them that you are the answer to all their prayers.


3. Use striking visuals


Mostly everyone adds photos to their event proposals, but take it a step further and deliver your message in a more striking way. There’s lots you can add to your event proposal to make it stand out.

You could add a video showing off one of your past events or a personalized video of you introducing yourself and your company. You could include data visualisations to make a point you made easier to understand. You could also include graphics of testimonials from your happiest customers.

Be creative with your visuals and think of unique ways to make them stand out from the typical photo.


Keep these three tips in mind the next time you’re trying to score that perfect project and we’re confident that you will deliver. If you have an event proposal tip of your own that you want to share with us, tweet us at @chs_group! We can’t wait to hear them.


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