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How to Keep Calm and Get Stuff Done Whilst Working From Home [infographic]

  • Rebecca Stenson
  • 12th March 2020

Unsurprisingly, this week there has been a lot of chatter around working from home to reduce and self-isolate from CONVID-19.

At CHS, our entire team works remotely! So we've put together some of our key tips on how to keep calm and get stuff done, whilst working from home! Plus, we've included a free tool we use that can help you better keep time manage!


At CHS, we understand it can take time to adapt to working from home, but following the above steps can help you make it a huge success! 

Our top six favourite collaborative tools that we use as a remote team at CHS Group.

1. Asana


Asana is our favourite project management tool. It makes it incredibly easy to organise all of our projects at CHS and we can even colour code tasks to correspond to the event we’re planning (CHS Leeds, CHS Birmingham, IVR, etc.). If we need another team member to complete something for us, we simply create a new task for them with a description of what we would like them to do. It saves us so much time avoiding huge email chains and it gives everyone an opportunity to see what the whole team is working on so we’re all on the same page.


2. Skype



We use Skype as a quick instant messaging tool during the day. If we need a question answered on the spot, it’s the best way to communicate since it takes half the time that sending an email does. Skype is also great for any unplanned video chats we need to do, especially since we all have the Skype app on our phones.


3. G Suite


Where would be without our precious G Suite? We handle the bulk of our operations and event planning within G Suite. The business version of G Suite includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Drive, among other things. Let’s walk through why we love G Suite so much:

  • Gmail

We use our own company domain email addresses within Gmail. It’s always reliable, easy to organise and with the app, we can also send each other emails on the go.

  • Google Docs

We write all of our blog posts and content within Google Docs first and share it with the team for questions and comments. You can edit the Sharing settings of the document and only allow editing permissions for specific people. All edits appear in real time and we don’t have to worry about always having the most updated version, something that you can’t get when sharing Word or Pages documents. We can also export our Google Docs into PDFs, Word docs, and more.

  • Google Sheets

Google Sheets is by far our most used Google app. It’s an amazing collaborative spreadsheet tool that keeps our team and our events extremely organised. We use Sheets to organise everything from when our team members are working, tracking our KPI’s, keeping track of testimonials and planning the operations of events. We don’t know how we would stay sane as a remote team if we didn’t have Google Sheets.

  • Google Drive

Drive is a file sharing tool, similar to Dropbox (which we mention later). We can share photos, videos, documents and anything else that counts as a file within Drive. It’s secure, reliable and we get quite a bit of storage space with a Business plan.

4. Zoom


Zoom is the video conferencing tool we use to host our weekly team meetings. Since we’re based all over the country (and some even outside of the UK), we need a fast and reliable meetings tool to stay connected. Zoom has served us really well over the past few years. All you have to do is share your meeting room link with the other members of the team and then everyone can join in on the call. It’s easy to mute your microphone when you’re not speaking as well. With the free Zoom plan, you can have meetings up to 45 minutes long which is perfect for us because our team has made a commitment to keep meetings short and productive.

5. Dropbox


We can thank Dropbox for saving the CHS team from having overloaded laptops. We share a lot of material over the course of just one day, including photos, videos, graphics, documents, etc. If we sent everything as attachments via email, we would run out of storage space on our computers in about two seconds. Not to mention the security issues that can come with that…

Dropbox has been invaluable to the CHS team as a way to upload all of our important files on a secure server. We’re able to access them from anywhere we are and we don’t have to pester each other all the time to send something over. It makes our workflow much more efficient.


6. Hubspot


Hubspot has been an amazing tool for us to manage our sales and marketing operations. We use Hubspot for everything from managing our contacts to sending mass emails, from publishing blog posts to creating forms. Hubspot does it all and we are so grateful for it.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of our top six favourite collaborative tools that use at CHS Group! What is your favourite tool that you use with your team? Tweet us @chs_group - we would love to know.

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