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How to Follow Up with Buyers After CHS19 (+ a Bonus Email Template!)

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 11th April 2019

chs19-photos2-2Welcome back to our month-long series on how to make the most of CHS19. This one is for the hotels, venues and event suppliers exhibiting with us on the day!

Over the course of your day exhibiting at CHS19, you will be speaking to A LOT of buyers. You will have a steady stream of people visiting your stand throughout the day, curious about what unique things you have to offer. After speaking with these buyers and getting to know their personal situations more, you don’t want to let your brand new connections fall through the cracks post-show, never to be re-visited again.

Before you step through the doors at first direct arena on the 30th of April, we wanted to help you get a solid follow-up process in place, so you can turn your first-time meetings with those hundreds of buyers into confirmed sales for your venue or business. We have even included a bonus follow-up email template to get you started.

Let’s get into it!




1. Get personalized information at the show


First and foremost, make sure you get lots of personalized information about the people you meet at CHS19. There’s no one-size-fits-all sales approach to getting buyers to book your venue. Buyers expect a personalized sales experience that is tailored to solving their specific challenges or pain points that they are facing. Be the solution to their issues by asking them open-ended questions that encourages them to talk about what they’re specifically on the hunt for in a hotel or venue.

Jot down a few notes during the show after you’ve spoken to a buyer so that you remember their name, what company they’re from and what those unique points they mentioned to you are. This will help you immensely when you’re writing those follow-up emails to keep the sales process genuine and helpful for the buyers you spoke to.


2. Write a short and sweet subject line


The subject line of your follow-up emails should be concise and to the point. Say your name, what hotel/venue you’re from and mention the fact you met at CHS19 (Example: Julie from Best Venue | Following up after CHS19).

Being too general with your subject line won’t entice the buyer to click on the email.


3. Wait a few days after CHS19 before following up


You want to leave the buyer some time to travel back, catch up on their missed work in the office and take a breather after such a busy day at CHS19.


4. Write a friendly, non-pushy follow up email


Now we’re getting to the fun part - following-up with the buyer and continuing the conversation you started with them at CHS19. Keep your emails short and to the point (just like your subject line) and mention a personal point you remember about them to show that you care and are genuine about receiving their business.

Here’s an email template that you can start with:


“Hi [buyer name],

Thank you for stopping by our stand at CHS19 the other day. It was so great to meet you and chat about [mention a point personal to their situation that you chatted about].

Do you have any other questions about our venue? I would love to set up a site visit with you too at some point.

I hope you had a great day at CHS19!

All the best,

[Your name]”


Add the buyer on LinkedIn after a few emails back and forth so you can stay updated on what they’re up to and engage with them often on there! Staying on the top of the buyer’s mind is very important for securing their business, so having your name pop up on their radar on a regular basis, whether through email or engaging on LinkedIn, will make all the difference.


We hope these tips for following-up on your new connections made at CHS19 will help you out post-show! Stay tuned for more blogs this month on how to make the most of your time exhibiting at the show.


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