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How to create a video at home using your smartphone

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 15th May 2020

Jenna shows us the ropes on how to make a video at home using a smartphone. Here are her favourite tips!

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Step one: Decide on your topic

Write a script to help organise what you're about to say and organise your talk.

Step two: Choose a your location 

You could either hold up your phone by your arm selfie style, or you can use a tripod. Check that you have your full body and desired background in view. 

Step three: Film your video

Take a look at using a teleprompter apps to help you remember your script. Remember to try and make your speech sound natural, even if you're reading straight from a script. 

Step four: Try record b-roll for extra context 

To give a little context to the video, film b-roll footage to complement your topic. This could be a screen recording, using Loom or additional video footage. 

Step five: Edit your video

You can use a free video editing tool like iMovie, or professional editing video software, you could use that too. 

Tips on presenting

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