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How To Be Confident & Natural on Camera

  • Jenna Potter
  • Picture of Jenna Potter
  • 14th May 2020

Jenna explains how to be confident and natural on camera! 

It's probably one of the most nerve-wracking things to do for so many!

So we've asked our super amazing film expert, to tell us how she has become such a natural at filming videos. Take it away Jenna! 🎬

Presenting tips - Confident on Camera

Tip one: Write a script and use a teleprompter app

Write a script beforehand and download a teleprompter app to your phone to help you feel at ease with your chosen topic. 

Tip two: Carry out vocal warm ups 

These can be fun too! Here's a link to one a quick Google search can find.

Tip three: Energise yourself

Whilst you're preparing yourself, put on your favourite upbeat music, and get yourself in a good frame of mind ready for filming.

Tip four: Be aware of your body language

Be mindful of your body language and make use of your hand movements. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. 


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