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5 Ways Hotel Sales Managers Can Show Appreciation for Meeting Planners (Post-Sale)

  • Jenna Potter
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  • 10th June 2019

Keeping close ties with meeting planners is an important part of your job as a hotel or venue sales manager. It’s important you don’t let those relationships slip through your fingers after an event is finished. If you stay top of mind, you will likely get more business from them in the future.

Here are five tips on how to show your appreciation to the meeting planners in your network.



1. Write a thank you card

Show your appreciation by writing a handwritten thank you card. After working with a meeting planner for an event, acknowledge how much you appreciate their business with a kind note!


2. Send a small gift of appreciation

This goes along the same lines as the thank you card, but takes it one step further. Sending a small token of your appreciation in the form of a gift, such as a gift basket, will go a long way in nurturing your new professional relationship with the meeting planner.


3. Letter of appreciation to their boss

We got this great tip thanks to Leanne Calderwood! If a meeting planner from an agency did an excellent job working with you and organising the event, they may appreciate the praise going to their boss! Write a letter of appreciation about your experience working with the meeting planner and send it to their boss to let them know they have a great employee on the team. You may just be the reason for their promotion or bonus!


4. Congratulate them on work accomplishments on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with the meeting planners you have worked with in the past. Once a week, make an effort to check LinkedIn for any recent updates about promotions, job changes or birthdays, and send a quick note to them to congratulate them on their milestone! You will stay on the top of their mind next time they’re looking for a venue.


5. Send a holiday card & gift

Gifts and notes of appreciation don’t just have to be reserved for after an event or meeting. Come holiday time, send all of your connections a personalised handwritten holiday card and/or a small gift to thank them for their business in the past year. It’s the perfect way to get on the nice list! ;)


We hope these tips will help you stay connected to the meeting planners you have worked with, leading to more business in the future. What have you done to show your appreciation to a meeting planner? Let us know on Twitter at @chs_group!


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