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Guest Blog by Off Limits - New Team Building Events for 2020

  • Julie Phillips
  • 8th January 2020

Off Limits has some exciting new team building events for 2020, that aim to give teams a break from their day to day duties and to reignite motivation.

Team building events aren’t just what everyone thinks straight away, nowadays they are so much more. Off Limits is creative and innovative when it comes to putting together a team building day that suits everyone.

Below are some of their brand new events to keep a look out for:

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Tricky Triangles:

 Tricky TrianglesThis game is for the competitive soul. The objective is to reveal all 31 triangles in numerical order within a specific time frame. One team member at a time sets off towards the board and reveals one of the numbers on the triangles. If it’s one, it stays, if not it’s the team’s job to remember where those numbers were to reveal them later on when it’s needed. Only the numbers that are in order will be showing, it’s a test of pure mastermind and memory. This can be a race against other teams, so it really does get competitive. Be prepared to shout, scream and have your patience tested as you wait your turn to turn over the triangle you think is next. This event has so many team building benefits - building on communication, collaboration and interaction.

Food Bank Dominoes:

Food Bank DominoesA great team activity as well as a fantastic opportunity for an organisation to do their bit for CSR. Teams will be asked to collect and gather food boxes that are full and unopened, these will be used as part of the rally. How long and how creative you choose to make the rally is up to you, but everyone’s boxes must be involved. How long will this take to complete? Take 1 or take 10?

Once you have created a huge line of boxes the dominoes begins. Decide who starts it off and watch your creation come to life around the room. Afterwards, all food boxes will be donated to a local food bank or charity. This activity is a superb event that can be done anywhere, in your office, warehouse or meeting room. It’s quick and gets the whole team working together. An idea to break up the monthly meeting or give your employees something fun to do on a Friday. Team building benefits include perseverance, leadership and communication.

Total Knockout:

Total KnockoutThe ultimate event of 2020, it’s a mixture of the famous It’s a Knockout and Totally Wiped Out in one event. We know, spectacular! It’s an event you can not miss, any team will absolutely love it. Great for teams to compete against each other in a friendly relaxed environment.

Off Limits has combined the best 6 games from each, you will not find anything else like Total Knockout. Take on the inflatables, wear hilarious costumes, get covered in foam and try to make it across the big red balls. Total Knockout will not be forgotten once your teams have participated, and it will be a tough event to beat the next year round. So many team building benefits come with this one such as boosting team morale, creating competitive spirit, communication and teamwork.   


revive-ology-2In 2020 mindfulness and wellbeing is even more prominent in the events industry. Companies that consider their employees mental health will gain more in the long-run. Giving teams time out for themselves, this event gives a heathy twist on cocktails. This activity is an all-inclusive health and wellbeing boost for the mind, body and soul.

It’s perfect for teams of 15-60 people who are looking for an alternative team building activity that can be done during the day and that promotes the health and mindset of the attendees. Teams will start this event with an interactive health drink creation then moving onto learning the basics of meditation-based movements and will then create their very own Tai Chi style routine. The benefits from this activity are endless but to name a few, team morale will be boosted as well as individuals feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Human Bingo:

Human BingoIf you’re looking for an event that takes networking to a new level then human bingo is it. If you have a room full of new employees or teams that have not met each other before or do not meet regularly, then getting them to take part in human bingo will have them feeling like they have known each other for a long time.

On the bingo card there will be different questions in all the boxes, individuals will have to get someone completely different to sign the box if they can answer the question or match what the box says. This will spark conversation as one of the rules is you have to introduce yourself first. The event leader will ask you to try and fill a line first and then moving onto the full house. This encourages people to talk to one another and find out interesting facts about them that aren’t just about work. You choose the theme or the questions and Off Limits will bring the bingo cards. Team building benefits include: confidence, networking, communication and building relationships.   

New Icebreakers:

Off Limits is going into 2020 with a huge variety of new icebreaker events. They have seen a change in some team building events that sees companies wanting to add a small activity into the full day conference or meeting.

Off Limits has created activities that can take up to 10 minutes to complete, some unique refreshers for the mind. We all know how it is with a day full of meetings, especially the lunch time blues. After lunch it may be a struggle to get people to be motivated and inspired, which is why these icebreakers from Off Limits are amazing, get everyone talking again, having a laugh and forgetting that they are in a long full day conference.

You can choose whether you add a couple of these to your day and the Off Limits team will deliver these when required. See below the new icebreakers:



Hoops I Did It Again

Off Limits - hoops

Say As I Do

Say As I Do

If you’re looking for fresh innovative activities for your 2020 team building event give Off Limits a call on: 01773 766 050 or take a look at their extensive range of team building events on their website: https://www.actiondays.co.uk/

See Off Limits in action at the London MICE Forum >>>

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