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4 Essentials Every Events Agency Website Needs

  • Jenna Potter
  • Picture of Jenna Potter
  • 8th July 2019

Is your event management website needing a serious makeover?


In this guide, we’re talking about the four things you absolutely need to include on your events agency website.

Adding the following four essentials will lead to more projects and clients for you.

Let’s jump right in.


  • About page


The About page is one of the most visited pages on most agency websites. Despite that, many websites leave more to be desired on their About page.

Bring life to your About page by:

  • Highlighting your company’s history
  • Your level of expertise
  • Mission and values
  • Your team members
  • How to get started working with you

Having all of your bases covered on your About page will lead to more clients and projects for you.


  • Testimonials


A glowing review of your work from a past client can accomplish three amazing things for your business:

  • Boost the SEO of your site by showing off to Google your trustworthiness in the events industry
  • Give social proof to potential clients that others have been amazed by your services before
  • Maintain relationships with past clients by helping them promote their own business through their testimonial of yours

Ask your happy clients for a short 1-2 sentence review of your work with them, and display them proudly on your website.


  • Contact page


Once you have wow’d a potential client with your website, you need to have an easy way for them to contact you. Don’t let an excellent lead easily slip through your fingers with a confusing website.

Clearly display your contact details prominently on the website in multiple locations, including on its own dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page, in the footer and even in the navigation bar.


  • Case studies


Case studies are similar to testimonials, except they are way more detailed. In a case study, you walk through a real event you successfully managed for a client, discussing the objectives, challenges faced and the type of work you completed for them.

Of course not everyone wants their event details made public, so ask your most valued clients first if they would like to have their story featured on your site. The incentive for them is that they get a little spot of free promotion on your sites!

We hope these four essentials get you in the right direction for building a stellar events agency website.


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